Impact Drive

Creating a stunning entrance can change the whole experience that someone has when they enter your home.  We worked with the owners of the stunning home to create many changes to this landscape that begin to merge the practical elements of blocking wind along with the visual elements such as adding rich green trees against the house that they want to paint black.

We were able to use a mix of native and exotic plants throughout the design.  Native planting was used to surround the boundary creating a shelter belt and adding erosion protection to the banks.  Exotic plantings were used on the interior of the site where there is less wind exposure.   

A feature driveway has been added with the removal of a old conifer hedge to allow for modern trees which set the tone for the whole design. As the house stood there was little direction to the front door.  We changed this by creating a new axis to the entrance so when people approach the house there is a clear destination.  

Little things like changing house colours can allow clients to be able to envision the final design right down to the final details.

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