Long driveways for the win!

Long driveways are one of my favourite things in residential landscapes. 
Nothing creates more of a statement than a long driveway entrance with beautiful trees lining either side.

The images below are of the Pyrus Aristocrat (or Ornamental Pear Tree).  This tree grows in a pyramid shape and the tree can also be espaliered where the branches grow horizontal.  The flowers cover the tree in early spring and the new purple leaves in spring turn a lovely glossy green before going red in autumn.

This is a deciduous tree that grows to approximately 10m when fully established.

Image credit: Pinterest

Plant of the week- Cycas Revolta

The Cycas Revolta is a palm native to the south of Japan. 

It grows very slowly and will reach 6-7m but this will take about 50 years to get to that point. This grows well in warm/ sub-tropical environments and does best in sandy, well draining soil. They are beautiful mass planted as well as individually in pots.

Image credit: Pinterest

An adventure to the Pouakai Hut

A couple of weeks ago, Nicayla and I hiked up to the famous Pouakai Hut, departing from the Mangorei Road end.  We have been planning on tackling this walk for sometime now and finally we had a beautiful summers day in New Plymouth, so without hesitation we set our sights on heading up to the Pouakai's to experience the beautiful Mountain reflection across the pond.

The walk itself was quite enjoyable and the track is fantastic with a mixture of steps and netting for grip the entire way.  Overall it took us about 2 hours to climb to the top where you can snap the classic Mountain shot, and about 90 minutes to climb back down.  

We loved the walk and would totally recommend it to others visiting or living in Taranaki.  We can now see why it was rated as the number 1 thing to do in Taranaki on Lonely Planet's Guide for 2017.

Here's a few images we capture along our way : ) 

Plant of the week- Aechmea Pecinata

This is a great plant for those shaded areas of your garden. The Bromeliad range is very extensive, and comes in many varieties but we have chosen the Aechmea Pectinata for 'Plant of the week' due to the leaf colour and the vibrancy it can bring to your garden.

Aechmea Pectinata is a tropical plant that loves the shade. This is part of theBromeliaceae family.  This species comes in many different varieties and looks great mass planted under large trees where grass doesn't grow.

This plant can be grown in the ground or can also be grown in a pot for added effect.

Enjoy :)


Valentine's Day Giveaway

Terms and Conditions

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  4. Someone can collect the prize on your behalf, just please let us know through a private message, text or email with their details.
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Good luck to everyone. We hope you find this just a beautiful as we do.  

A day in the botanics

This weekend I had the pleasure of going through the Hamilton Botanical Gardens.  For anyone that has not done this, you definitely should, it is a truly remarkable experience.  There are many sections and different themed gardens including Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Maori, Italian, Tropical and so many more.

This is all free and you can easily spend a day there enjoying the many different zones of the botanicals. It was inspiring and was a great history lesson.

Check out the pictures below and if you’re ever in Hamilton be sure to put this on your list of things to do. 

Valentine's Day is coming!!

Valentine's Day will be here before we know it!  Even though every day should  be filled with love and happiness, what better way is  there to show someone how much they mean to you than with a plant which they can keep and nurture.

The 'Heart Leaf Philodendron' is a popular house plant as it is super easy to grow and maintain. The heart shaped leaves droop down making it perfect for a wall planter, shelf planting or even growing over the side of a desk.  There are endless possibilities.

Check out the images below for some inspiration before choosing your next interior plant and feel free to send us some images of your interior plantings :)


Image Credit: Pinterest

DIY Friday - Fence Mounted Chalk board

This is such a cool and creative idea to liven up your outdoors area and is especially practical if you have small children who can draw and scribble on the board without the damage inside your home. 

The best thing about creating a chalk board for your outdoor living space is it's practically with it's multiple uses.  You could use it for inspirational quotes, or you could use it for tracking vegetable and plant growth/seeding/spraying times,  fun games such as naughts and crosses, and there are plenty of other creative ways it can be used just use your imagination : )

We have created a chalk wall in our kitchen and are planning to use it for weekly meals, groceries and inspirational quotes to brighten up our kitchen.  You can buy blackboard wall paint from Resene Colorshop.


Plant of the week- Hydrangea Paniculata Limelight

The 'Limelight' Hydrangea has large cool lime-green flowers which bloom in mid-late summer. They are a large cone shape and as time goes on they fade to a light cream shade with a hint of pink as they age.  They are very fast growing and are great as a filler behind other plants and look beautiful mass planted. It is a shame that these gorgeous flowers won't stay around all year.

Below are some images of this beauty in situ.  If you are interested in purchasing some of these please do not hesitate to get in contact for more advice.



DIY Friday - Hanging Cedar Shelf

Nicayla and I absolutely love bringing plants indoors and will post a series of our indoor plants over the next few weeks. We love the vibrancy and colour it brings to our living spaces, it creates that feel good factor when you walk into a room.  

This week I have found a really cool, simple and effective hanging Cedar shelf plant hanger to share with you. All you need is a slab of wood which can be obtained from your local timber yard, some old or new pots, some indoor plants and a yarn or rope to suspend it from your ceiling with a hook. 

This will add a modern and rustic look to your living space and is sure to impress your guests next time they visit and the feeling of creating something like this yourself is so satisfying. 

We look forward to seeing your creations. 

Photo credit from www.refresheddesigns.com

Plant of the week - Wisteria Sinensis White

As the weather looks up and wedding season is in full force this is some beautiful inspiration for those outdoor pergolas or areas of the garden that are often forgotten about. 

This beautiful tree is a woody vine native to China. Although this is normally a climbing vine it can be trained into a tree shape as well.

It looks amazing walking out onto a patio and having the white beads hanging down overhead.

If you would like something like this designed in your garden or would like to talk about plant options feel free to get in contact with us.